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Valencia Landscaping In Vacaville introducing Our Family Wife: Josephina, Daughter: Brigette, Me: Edward, Son: Eduardo

Over the years, I have held many positions  as an employee typically working myself into a management position.   
Research and Development Lab Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Field Service Manager, and Field Service Account 
Manager are a few of those jobs.

After the crash of the semiconductor equipment industry in the late 1990’s, I found myself without a job. I decided to 
take a month to do some soul searching.  As I searched my soul, I decided to revamp the landscaping at my home in Livermore.

Landscape with an artiest touch

My neighbors were amazed at what I could do with a little money and little time. Because of my meticulous work, some of the neighbors hired me to revamp their landscaping. After completing my neighbor’s projects, the light bulb went off (in my head); this could be a great business opportunity for me and my family. Through word of mouth, I landed three more projects in my neighborhood.  After completing several projects where I built a retaining wall, provided concrete paving and an overall cleanup job, the clients asked,” who should I make the check out to?  Valencia Landscaping.
” Naturally I said yes, and Valencia Landscaping was founded. We began in the summer of 1999 and are still going strong.   

As you can see throughout my life, I have worked with my hands designing, building, and repairing things.  It didn’t matter if it was working in semiconductor equipment field, or with food equipment, home repairs or landscaping.   I love making a difference in my clients’ lives. This inspiration for making a difference wasn’t a coincidence.  After thinking about it, I realized that this concept surrounded me throughout my life.  I grew up with these values, but like many people, I didn’t stop to think of how I acquired them until I went soul searching.

You see, my grandfather ( mi abuelo) Jose Holguin,  taught me how to work the earth.  He gave me the values of how to respect Mother Earth as a blessing from God and the gifts that come from it are for all mankind.  It was from this knowledge that I found my creativity in landscaping.  

The love for pleasing my customers came from my parents.  Growing up I saw my parents, Henry and Julia Valencia work jobs and develop their own business that they eventually ran full time, successfully for 40 years.  Being a kid in a household where your parents were the boss gives you a sense of confidence that you can achieve your dreams. My parent’s Auto Repair Shop (which just recently closed in 2012) was an anchor business in their town in Arizona.  Generations of families came to my dad because of his honesty and fairness.  He was definitely a great mechanic and manager of the auto shop.  I’ve seen the good times and hard times of business, but I know that with perseverance you can make your dreams work.  Thanks Mom and Dad for showing me the way and being my inspiration for being a good manager and entrepreneur. 

As you and I know, it helps to have a few mentors to help you along the way.  My mentors for equipment technology and research and development were Jurek Puchacz and Manolito Reyes, respectively.  I continued to update my training by attending Rio Salado College in Tempe, AZ in the Semiconductor Technology and Customer Service Utilities classes.  In California, I attended Ohlone Community College for Computer Aid Drafting.  My plan was to work in the technology and utility field, but as the industry crashed, I realized my skills could be transferred to my new business of Valencia Landscaping.  Who Knew?  My mentors trained me to pay attention to details and were my inspiration to work smarter not harder.  It just goes to show you that most of the skills you learn in life can be transferred to other jobs or businesses, especially if you strive to do a good job.    

So you might say, “What About Edward Valencia?”  At Valencia Landscaping, no job is too small whether it is maintenance, repairs, or a landscape project that begins with a design idea. The finished product is personally rewarding because my knowledge of design, landscaping and customer relations are a major part of my method of completing a quality product. As a landscaper (which includes several trades), I have completed projects like patios, pavers, irrigation system installations, sidewalks, retaining walls, fences, solar lighting, and all phases of repairs, just to name a few.  My previous management experience has helped me to run the business efficiently and smoothly. 

 I guess looking back at my life; I grew up enjoying the natural world of the outdoors, working in the technology field, customer relations and working in my fathers’ auto repair shop.  All of these businesses I used my mind to create things with my hands. I am fortunate because now in my business of Valencia Landscaping, I get to do what I love the most.  I attribute my business ethics to my father who said, “I don’t want to get rich off of people; I just want to live comfortably.”   I took from my Dad his honesty, good work value, quality work, lasting relationships with clients and getting along with people from all walks of life. 

Valencia Landscaping gives many thanks to my family, friends and clients who continue to help us grow by referring new customers to our business.

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